Thursday, January 10, 2008

Screening of The Big Durian (Jan 13)

Time: 7pm
Venue: D'Space, 4th Floor, Wisma Oh, 60 Weld Quay, 10300 Penang
Directions: As you come out of the jetty or pass the jetty on your left along Weld Quay, drive on past the petrol station on your left. Wisma Oh is a four-storey building on the right with a tyre shop at the bottom with a huge red "Silverstone" sign. It's on the left if you come from the Jelutong Expressway.
Tel: 013 5900 339 (Ong) or 016 333 7678 (Kris)
Email: or

1. What Barry Says | IMDB

by Simon Robson
2004, 3 min

Through animation and narration, Simon Robson explains why in his view the war on terror is actually a campaign against opposition of US domination, led by weapon manufacturers.

2. The Big Durian | IMDB
by Amir Muhammad
2003, 75 min

On the night of 18 October 1987, a soldier ran amok with an M16 in the area of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Due to the thorny circumstances of the time and place, his amok triggered a citywide panic and rumours of racial riots. Why did he do it? Why were Malaysians so jittery at the time? And what happened next? "The Big Durian" speaks to 23 Malaysians (some real, some fictional) to find out.

3. Discussion

Analyse, criticise!