Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mini-Sarawak Film Fest Sept 15th-all welcome!

As part of the Malaysia Day Sape Tour there will be a Mini-Sarawak Film Fest at D' Space(62 Weld Quay), from 3.00pm, on Sept 15th:

The titles are as below:

Miini-Sarawak Film Fest:

3.00pm :

Short films from Lawas(2010-30min)-a collection of 7 films from the Sarawak Road Show this year. Films touched on bad road, blockade by NCR land owners, disappearing wild boars, old army without IC, resettlement for Bakun Dam etc. By Ong BK

You can’t eat the Road (2010-11min) –a rare film about Bidayuh residents affected by Bengoh Dam near Kuching, who went to meet others affected by dams and oil palm plantations in Tatau and Sg Asap. Rare interviews of those communities who chose not to be re-settled in Sg Asap. By Andrew Garton as part of a series called `Sarawak Gone’.


What Rainforest? (2008-36min).-Resistance against an oil palm giant’s intrusion by a native-Segan, who is not `segan’(`shy’ in Malay) when it come to defending his NCR land. By Hilary Chew and chi too


Delaying Justice (2009-30min) Defending the ancestral domain by the Sarawak natives do come with a heavy price-the price of life. Produced by Hilary Chew, veteran journalist turned film maker.

Some film makers will be available for Q&A after the screening of their films. DVDs of the films are also available for sales on the spot. See you all!

Ong BK