Friday, October 30, 2009

Nov 1st screening: `Denias-Senandung di Atas Awan'

Halo folks,

After not receiving suggestion for screening titles I look into the titles suggested in the past and found an Indonesian gem whose screening should be overdue! It is highly relevant to screen it in view of the concern and interests over indigenous people in our region eg on how a student need to walk 1 day to the nearest school-as is the story of this film `Denias-Senandung atas Awan'-a good Indonesian production about Papua New Guinea, which should resonate with people who are concerned about the similar fate of Penans and other similar communities in Malaysia. For me it is also a film of choice since I just met a group of Penans from the Baram area while in Sarawak. They live in remote areas where traveling along logging roads tell stories of rape of school girls, murder of anti-logging Tuai Rumah, lack of birth certificates and thus Mycard, voting rights etc.So come to watch this gem from among the films loaned to us by Kris Gan at least 1 year ago!

Details of the films are here:

Title: Denias-Senandung di Atas Awan
Directed by John de Rantau
Produced by Hartawan, Wiwid Setya, Ari Sihasale , Nia Zulkarnaen
Written by Jeremias Nyangoen , Masree Ruliat
Cinematography Yudi Datau
Distributed by Alenia Pictures
Release date(s) October 19, 2006
Running time 110 minutes
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian

We will also screen a short (11min) video of long house folks in Sri Aman, Sarawak-the 1st installment of videos which I will do about Sarawak along the tour that I am conducting to that long neglected part of Malaysia.

We specially welcome new members from the screenings at Freedom Film Fest in Penang from Oct 9th-11th.

Ong BK

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catch a glimpse of the 3 winners of FFF 2009 competition

Star on line did a interview with each of the 3 winners of the Freedom Film Fest 2009 competition here. Congrat to all winners! Enjoy.

Please book your tickets early to avoid dissappointment! Booking number: 017-3749887. Booking by email:

For full program go here. The following is a video on FFF in KL:

Ong BK

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FFF 2009 is coming to Penang Oct 9th-11th!

Catch the
Presenting 23 heart-moving, eye-opening, award-winning human rights documentaries from Malaysia and around the world, over 3 days in 4 states.

2-4 OCTOBER 2009, The Annexe, Central Market KL
9-11 OCTOBER 2009, Han Chiang College, Penang
23-25 OCTOBER, Sek. Men. Chung Hua No.1, Kuching
30 OCTOBER-1 NOVEMBER, Tropical Inn, Johor Bharu


COMMUNITY VIDEO FORUM & SCREENINGS (Friday, 3.30-6.30pm) KL only

Community Video Forum & Showcase will be bringing to you a sharing session of experience and video showcase between community filmmakers and activists from Malaysia and around the SEA region who use video for community organising.

*Pre-registration required as seats are limited. Priority to NGO and community activists.


The 6th FreedomFilmFest2009 will be launched with the screening of AT STAKE, a brave and eye-opening documentary tackling taboo issues faced by Indonesian women. This anthology covers issues of female genital mutilation, unmarried women's experiences at the gynecologist, prostitution, and the sexuality of a migrant worker.

*Producer NIA DINATA, who is the director of the movie “Berbagi Suami” and also a renowned Indonesian feminist will be present in KL for Q&A after the screening.


Al-Fatehah Memali by Rahmat Haron
This film portrays the journey of singer-songwriters, Black and Meor, trying to comprehend a massacre that happened in 1985 in Kg. Memali, Kedah. Their journey brings them to the village where they meet survivors and witnesses of the tragedy to uncover a forgotten story of injustice for most of Malaysia, but one forever etched in the hearts of those in Memali.

Kayuh by Soh Sook Hwa
This film is a first-hand account of a 100-strong contingent of cyclists in the JERIT cycling campaign who rode from Alor Setar and Johor Baharu to Kuala Lumpur for 16 days in order to address 6 major concerns of marginalized groups in Malaysia.

No Silver Lining: The Perak Crisis by The S-ploited.
What happens when “frogs” jump over to the other side? In Perak, when 3 elected representatives of the Pakatan Rakyat 'hopped” over to become BN friendly, it started a political wrestling match for power between the two opposing political alliance.

* Entry is FREE but strictly by invitation only as it is a closed-door private event.

For inquiries and reservations of passes - Please email or call 017-3749887, with the following information:

Name | Contact tel. no and email | Title of film/time of session that you would like to watch | Number of passes needed | In which state (KL, PG, JB, or KUCHING)

For full listing and schedule

Selection of films and program of the festival are the sole responsibility of the organising committee of the FreedomFilmFest. The venue providers are not involved in this process of selection and cannot be held accountable.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Next screening: Sept 27th-GUBRA

Halo folks,

We had shown Muhsin in last screening. We can show Gubra ( trailer here) which we had not screened before for next screening on Sept 27th(Sunday) 8.00pm, at D' Space (62 Weld Quay, 3rd floor- see for a location map) Meanwhile Yasmin Ahmad fans had planned a fest to screen her films in Australia!

For your info we had screened a video of the Bangun Art Fest at Chew Jetty on Sept 13th-including snapshots of the music fest on a fish farm on the sea! If you are interested to have a look let me know to see how to organise another screening.(Altogether about 45min) For some views of the videos go to here.

We call upon all interested members to turn up for a discussion on the preparation of the coming Freedom Film Fest 2009 to be coming to Han Chiang College, Penang next month (likely date: Oct 9th-11th Fri-Sun) at the end of the screening. We need to organise ushers, locate resource persons to lead discussions on various films sessions, and to run an effective promotion in Penang! Looking forward to seeing all of you who are interested to take up the challeneg! You are welcome to call me for inquiries: 013-5900339

Ong BK

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The rally against ISA on Sunday-can an idea be arrested?

The rally against ISA in KL will go down in history as one of the historical episode in Malaysia's democratisation. Watch this video to catch a glimpse on what happened.

Ong BK

Monday, July 27, 2009

`Gadoh' stopped by police at Kg Buah Pala's screening

Indie film about ethnic conflict in Malaysia `Gadoh' was stopped by 50 police at a screening at Kg Buah Pala tonite. For report and photos see here. The film's director Brenda Danker (Front left) and producer Anna Har(left most) was around together with about 50 residents when the police turned up at about 8.00pm to stop the screening before it could even get started. The film will continue its screenings at USM on Wed evening. Earlier the film was screened at Penang Film Club on Sunday, where copies of the DVD were sold to some SBs. It is not sure if the sales led the state politicians contacted to say that the film was not approved by FINAS.

The stand off continued till about 11.00pm before both sides dispersed. The century old village is facing eviction notice by Aug 2nd. The eviction would severely test the accountability of the State Government-especially when there are news that the eviction will come under the most intense scrutiny by the country's camerapersons and bloggers!

Ong BK

Special screening for Yasmin Ahmad: `Muhsin' on Aug 2nd

halo friends,
As you may already know one of the foremost film maker in Malaysia Yasmin Ahmad has passed away just 2 days ago. She is a film maker of refreshing ideas, especially on the stressed ethnic relation in Malaysia-which naturally aroused debates and controversies from those entrenched ethnic `champions' from all sides. But the recognition of the need to break the unnatural ethnic tension in the country is long over due-a point successfully highlighted and provoked by Yasmin Ahmad's features films as well as her well known and memorable community advertisements. To show our respect and tribute for her accomplishment towards `Bangsa Malaysia' we will show two of her last films at the details below:

Titles: Muhsin(8.00pm), Sepet(9.30pm)
Date: Aug 2nd(Sunday)
venue: D' Space (62 Weld Quay, 3rd floor, above Damacai shop)
Entrance: FREE

We will observe a 1 min silence as a commemoration of the passing of an advocate of `Bangsa Malaysia'-who remind us that film is afterall about making a point, a statement. Let her death serve also as a point to bring all the ethnic communtiies together! If you have any thought about her and the ideas she advocate through her films bring them along to share with all.

Attire: Black or white.

See you there.

Ong BK

Some official scribblings of Yasmin:

Yasmin shone with her works

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 – Yasmin Ahmad left a legacy of her works in the film and advertisement arenas, thriving on the themes of love, family ties and comedy against the backdrop of multiracial Malaysia.

Born in Bukit Treh, Muar, Johor on July 1 1958, Yasmin, who graduated in psychology from Newcastle University, United Kingdom, had won local and international creativity awards.

She began her career as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather before joining Leo Burnett as joint creative director in 1993 and rose to become its creative executive director until her death.

She was married to Abdullah Tan Yew Leong.

Her creativity could be seen in many Petronas’ commercials and evoked emotion of the viewers, especially during the Aidilfitri celebration which would certainly be missed by viewers this year.

In the film industry, Yasmin, however, drew much controversy in view of her openness and boldness in analysing social issues.

She has been targeted by critics since her first movie, “Rabun” was screened in 2003 followed by “Sepet” (2004), “Gubra” (2006), “Mukhsin” (2006), “Muallaf” (2008) and Talentime (2009).

But she also earned rave reviews for “Sepet” which won the Best Film Award and the Best Original Screenplay Award at the Malaysian Film Festival 2005. “Sepet” also bagged several international awards, namely the Asian Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2005, the Grand Prix Award at the Creteil International Women’s Film Festival in the same year.

“Gubra” won the Best Screenplay award at the Malaysian Film Festival 2006.

“Muhsin” won the Generation kplus – Best Feature Film and the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix award at the Berlin International Film Festival. “Mukhsin” also won the Best Asean Film at the Cinemanila International Film Festival 2007.

“Muallaf” won the Asian Film Award – Special Mention at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2008.

While leaving indelible marks at home, Yasmin’s movies gained international recognition as they were shown in Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and at the Cannes Film Festival. – Bernama

Thursday, July 16, 2009

`Gadoh' 's Penang launch at Penang Film Club!

Halo friends,
If you wonder why ethnic differences tend to become a source of conflicts instead of mutual enrichment come to see this well made local film about ethnic identity in Malaysia! Directed by Brenda Danker and Namron the film has been launched in KL to critical acclaim. All Malaysians concerned about the future of our ethnic relation should watch this. Anyone concerned about ethnic politics should also watch this. Anyone concerned about how repressive laws like ISA are justified as a means to so call keep ethnic `balance' and `peace' should also watch this.

Details of screening:

Date: July 26th(Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: D' Space (3rd floor, 62 Weld Quay)
Entrance: FREE
Trailer: here

Presented by: Penang Film Club
Enq.013-5900339(Ong BK)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool cartoon site from Singapore!

See here for a cool cartoon site-Recommended by Ziaudin. About the best cartoon site after the (in)famous Talking Cock web site-also from Singapore.

ong BK

For a sample watch here:

More Web knick-knacks? Go to

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New filming project taken off!

Since there was no screening tonite due to lack of recommendation for screening title I'm posting this latest video from me for your enjoyment/comments.

I'll be travelling till next fortnight-so there will only be another screening in 4 week's time ie July 26th. Hopefully I can find another great title from Indonesia for the screening. However you are free to suggest good titles for the screening then.

Update on filming project:
The crew has started doing interviews with various disabled groups to make a short film for the Freedom Film Fest competition 2009, in the last few days. Hopefully we can finalise a script soon to see through the film's final completion. The inerviews with about 20 disabled persons have provided numerous interesting stories-hopefully we can string them up to make an interesting film that also serve to raise public awareness about the disabled communities when there are some changes at the government levels in the last year or so.

Crew: Bernard, Chuin Yip, Ziaudeen, Ong BK

New blog for the kids:

Ziaudeen just started a new blog here, with a funny new short film as well, watch it here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Next screening: `Gie' from Indonesia-must watch for students activists!

Just got back from Jakarta for a workshop-and took the opportunity to locate some good indie films there. Guess what I found:`Gie' -a multiple awards winning film from 2005, featuring Indonesia's famous son and student activist Soe Hok Gie, whose short life reflected the turmoil surrounding Indonesia's nation building crisis at 1965 when General Suharto rose through a coup. Soe Hok Gie was well known for his book `Catatan Seorang Demonstran' (1st print:1983) (`Notes of a demonstrator')-and the film is based on his book/diary. So we have a film to show for next screening now:

Date: June 14th (sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: D' Space (62 Weld Quay, 3rd floor)

All welcome!

Enq.013-5900339(Ong BK)

Since I was there I took the chance to document the 5-year old bus way in Jakarta-the idea has spreaded to various Indonesian cities since then. Have a look at this wonderful idea from South America:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meeting for a new film shoot !

Calling members & interested parties for new film shoot!(Postponed-sorries)

Apologies: the meeting has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances-keep watch here for future arrangement/for meeting to be reconvened. Ong BK

Penang Film Club intend to submit a new film to the Freedom Film Fest 2009 competition-and we are calling for a get-together for all those who may want to involve in the project. Meeting details:

Date: May 24th (Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: D' Space(62 Weld Quay-see map through a link in a box on the right)

There will be film making workshops and a chance to learn film making from the beginning to the end. Equipments are not neccesary. The meeting will be a continuation of a brain storming session which had been started to kick start the film project. For more details of the Freedom Film Fest 2009 go to here.

Enq. 013-5900339(Ong) 0194705763(Dalbinder)

Next screening

Due to commitment to go abroad by the organiser the next screening will be postponed to June 14th. Sorry for inconveniences! Titles suggestions are welcome!

Ong BK

Friday, May 15, 2009

`The Great Debaters' for this sunday!

Halo folks,

Without any suggestions for screening titles so far we are screening a good title which was proposed for earlier screening: `The Great Debaters' -something which we wanted to show very much after Obama came to power in US last year! It is based on a true story which tells how a debating team from US's deep/racist south took on an elite team in Harvard. Very recommended for those into debates!

The screening should make a good sequel to `Crash' -another great anti-racism title, which we showed last fortnight ago.

Screening details:
Date: May 17th(Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: 62 Weld Quay
Enq. 013-5900339

See you there!

Admission is FREE, as usual.

Ong BK

Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 arrest in Penang last night (May 7th 2009)

Last weekend we screened `Crash' an anti-racism film based on Los Angeles context to our usual crowd.

Another 2 weeks' time we will be doing our next screening-your sugestion on title/s are welcome!

Ong BK

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wet experience on bus trip to KL

Creative Commons License

This is a short film about a funny wet experience during a bus trip to KL last month.


Ong BK

Friday, April 17, 2009

Revolusi `48 -screening with the film maker this Sunday!

halo friends in Penang Film Club,
Apologies for the lapses in the screenings for last month during the triple by-elections period! To make up for it we are bringing you a new home made film by famed local film maker Fahmi Reza : `Revolusi `48' this sunday Apr 19th 8.00pm, at D' Space (62 Weld Quay-see column on the right for a location map) . Looking forward to see all of you!

Ong BK

P/S: If I'm in time I will screen a short film on the by-elections too! That is if I'm in time-OK?

Film title:
Revolusi '48 (The Malayan Revolution of '48)

Film Synopsis:
The sequel to Fahmi Reza's cult favourite 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka, Revolusi '48 chronicles the largely forgotten armed revolution for national liberation launched against British colonial rule in Malaya 60 years ago. This documentary tells the untold story of those who struggled in the anti-colonial guerrilla war of independence, during the Malayan Revolution of 1948.

Duration: 35 mins

Language: BM & Mandarin with English subtitles

Film Poster:

Film Website:

Film Trailer:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Screening Mar 1st : `Fast Food Nation'

Halo friends,

The last screening `Clay Bird' was attended by about 10 members who enjoyed the Bangladesh made film significantly. It was nice to see old faces after about 2 months lapse of screening. Some shorts from my Bangladesh trip were screened before the main feature's screening. For a number of reasons the next screenings will be done 3 weeks from the last one ie on Mar 1st-apologies for inconveniences.

Next screening: `Fast Food Nation'(2006, USA/UK)

Date; Mar 1st (Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: 62 Weld Quay, Penang
Intro: The film started by raising the dramatic question: are we eating some real bull shit in the burgers from the fast food joints? The ensuing drama led us through heart wrenching stories of the Mexican foreign workers who work in American slaughter house, and funny episodes, including one which involved a students group who tried in vain to liberate the cows from their sheds.

All welcome!

Ong BK

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next screening: Clay Bird(Bangladesh)

Halo folks!

It seems a long time since the last screening last year! We have been slow to start the screenings due to a number of unexpected happenings-my apologies to all who called in to inquire. Your wait for the 1st screening is not in vain: the 1st screening will be as follow:

Title: Clay Bird(2004)
Introduction: The title `Clay Bird' seems to provide a strong metaphor of a people's yearning for freedom-which got weighed down by earthy puills! An international award winning film from Bangladesh -which took a dramatised look at the evolution of Bangladesh as a nation of majority muslims and minority hindus. The tension between the religions is played out in the background of Bangladeshis' nationalism which brought it independence from `islamic' /dictatorial (depend on your perception) Pakistan in 1971, after a bloody 9 month war costing 3 million lives. Where the very populous country will head will have an impact on world's perception of islam and intercultural understanding.
Language: Bangla, with English sub-titles.
Director: Tareque Masud
Date : Feb 8th (Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: 62 Weld Quay, Penang
Entrance: FREE!

Note on locating the film: This is a film which I found in Bangladesh when I was serving as an international election observer in the recent Bangladesh general election. I was looking for a film which can help me to understand the psychi of the nation-but I almost gave up as most of the local prolifically produced films are in Bangla only! This film is one which has English subtitles and backgrounded in the critical time when Bangladesh fought for its independence. A fellow observer from US told me that she actually use the film in her intercultural understanding classes. Come to find out what a gem that I'd found just 2 days before my departure from the country with a new government now! I'll shopw some Bangladesh short videos and photos for early arrivals./Ong BK