Saturday, November 8, 2008

Penang Film Club's screenings to stop for end of year holidays

Halo friends!

The screenings of Penang Film Club will stop for the end of year holidays and resume on the 1st Sunday of 2009.

Happy holidays and an early Happy X-mas, Happy New Year!

See you folks again next year!

Ong BK

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Celebrating win of Eco-film Fest Best Environment (Pro-category) award

The crews and friends of `6 Days' had a reunion last night at Northam Cafe to celebrate the winning of the Eco-Film Fest Best Environment (Pro-catefory) Award. Everyone was satisfied that our work has finally been given some recognition! The positive energy was flowing again-and Johny Goh agreed to help do some additional shooting to spruce up another new film sent to the same festival but did not win any prize ie `Zero Waste Home'. The new film was filmed and editted too hastily(Shot only on Sept 9th -10 days ahead of deadline on Sept 20th!)-so we will spruce it up! We will resend the film to other festivals-and who knows if it will shine in other fests in due time!

Keep up the enthusiasm!

Ong K

Monday, November 3, 2008

`6 Days' wins `Best Environmental' film award at Eco-film Fest(Pro category)

This is a good news which happened this afternoon(Nov 2nd) at Aswara College, KL. Penang Film Club sent 2 films for the competition with a theme on climate change. The 2 films are -`6 days' (11min) and `Zero Waste Home'(14min). The 2 films were selected as the finalist films-and `6 Days' won the only prize given under the Professional Category. Audrey Yeoh's film won many awards for the ameteur category -including best environment film, best film through online voting, best director and so on. She is the president of the Aswara college's film club.

`6 Days' was scripted by Ong BK, directed and shot by Johny Goh, produced by Lim Chuin Nian & Ong BK, starring Chris Gan, Christine, Naweed, Nirvan, Lim Chuin Nian, Johny Goh &Joseph. Thanks to all and others not mentioned here! The story is about a very insular middle class man who discovered that switching his air conditioner's switch can gravely affect the global weather. The realisation caused him to junk most of his power-grabber gadgets from his home-which until then was full of them!

The non-cash prize given include a 1-footer trophy, a t-shirt and a a mysterious box of goodies presumably contributed by the film fest's many sponsors. When the news was broken to all the major participants of the film all were very excited and replied to me(the only one at the Award ceremony!) that they wanted to organise a celebration! Watch out for more details from them!

I'll be back to Penang on Tuesday with the trophy and goodies-please drop by-say Tuesday evening to check out the mysterious box under seal.

Ong BK

P/S There will be a small celebration at Northam Cafe 8.30pm, Tuesday(Nov 4th) evening. All friends are welcome-may be a piece of the non-cash prizes will be given to a non-crew attendant by drawing lots!