Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 13: One Nation Under Lee & Behind The Revolt

1. 1 Nation Under Lee (45min) -a rare glimpse into what goes behind the squeaky clean Singapore. Produced this year by the oppressed groups in Singapore-must see for people who want another view of Singapore -especially the price for phenomenal economic growth. Many familiar tactics as in Malaysia-only they are perhaps pushed further. Bring your Singaporean friends along since this film will not be screened publicly in any Singapore Tv or cinema.

2.nov25 | Behind The Revolt
Chronology of the Rage (25min)

A documentary that analyzes and highlights the chronology of the events that has led Malaysian Indians to the street protesting on the Nov 25, 2007. By: Indrani Kopal(winner of Human Rights Film award in Freedom Film Fest 2007)