Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next screening: Clay Bird(Bangladesh)

Halo folks!

It seems a long time since the last screening last year! We have been slow to start the screenings due to a number of unexpected happenings-my apologies to all who called in to inquire. Your wait for the 1st screening is not in vain: the 1st screening will be as follow:

Title: Clay Bird(2004)
Introduction: The title `Clay Bird' seems to provide a strong metaphor of a people's yearning for freedom-which got weighed down by earthy puills! An international award winning film from Bangladesh -which took a dramatised look at the evolution of Bangladesh as a nation of majority muslims and minority hindus. The tension between the religions is played out in the background of Bangladeshis' nationalism which brought it independence from `islamic' /dictatorial (depend on your perception) Pakistan in 1971, after a bloody 9 month war costing 3 million lives. Where the very populous country will head will have an impact on world's perception of islam and intercultural understanding.
Language: Bangla, with English sub-titles.
Director: Tareque Masud
Date : Feb 8th (Sunday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: 62 Weld Quay, Penang
Entrance: FREE!

Note on locating the film: This is a film which I found in Bangladesh when I was serving as an international election observer in the recent Bangladesh general election. I was looking for a film which can help me to understand the psychi of the nation-but I almost gave up as most of the local prolifically produced films are in Bangla only! This film is one which has English subtitles and backgrounded in the critical time when Bangladesh fought for its independence. A fellow observer from US told me that she actually use the film in her intercultural understanding classes. Come to find out what a gem that I'd found just 2 days before my departure from the country with a new government now! I'll shopw some Bangladesh short videos and photos for early arrivals./Ong BK