Saturday, June 7, 2008

June8: Special Screening Of "The Eleventh Hour"

Usually, we have screenings every two weeks. But for this Sunday, upon request from our members and in conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5th, we're squeezing in an eco-documentary called The 11th Hour.

Narrated by actor Leonardo DiCaprio (start the "Titanic" jokes please), the documentary is about the widespread damage that humans have done to the environment in the rush for development and money. The consequences to the human race is severe... and this film also explains possible disaster scenarios such as global warming, that will occur because of this environmental mismanagement.

Aside from the dire warning, the documentary interviews a myriad of foreign leaders, scientists, and activists for their suggestions to this problem. Stopping and reversing the consequences of environmental destruction will involve the people and governments; from reasonable pro-conservation policies to the use of technology to develop cleaner sources of energy and industry.

Time: 8 PM , June 8th

Location: 62 Weld Quay